Core Team

  • Daniel Wangh

    Daniel Wang

    Founder & CEO

    Google Tech Lead, Cofounder of Yunrang Technology, Senior Engineering Director at, Cofounder & CEO of Coinport Exchange, Senior Director & Blockchain Researcher of Zhongan Technology.

  • Jay Zhou

    Jay Zhou


    E&Y, PayPal Risk Operations, SJ Consulting Founder.

  • Johnston Chen

    Johnston Chen


    Chief Information Officer at 3NOD, Product Expert in Finance Industry.


  • Xuefeng Li

    Xuefeng Li

    CTO of Zhongan Technology, Blockchain Investor
  • Hongfei Da

    Hongfei Da

    Founder of NEO and Ontology
  • Hitters Xu

    Hitters Xu

    Founder of Nebulas
Advisor Team
  • Yuhang Guo

    Cofounder and co-CEO of Dianrong, Founder of Xinghe Capital, Council of China ABlockchain Application Research Center

  • Terence Lam

    Co-founder and CEO, Loopnest (Blockchain) Accelerator

  • Alex Cheng

    Senior VP at Baidu, R&D Director at Google

  • Yin Cao

    Founder, Energy Blockchain Lab

  • Xiaohu Guo

    Professor, University of Texas

  • Yipeng Guo

    President, Guangzhou Development Fund

  • Huaxia Xia

    xGoogler, Chief Scientist of Meituan Group

  • Mingcheng Zhang

    Investment Partner, Redpoint Ventures

  • Shuo Bai

    Supervisor of ChinaLedger, Supervisor of China Financial Standardization Technical Committee, Board Member of Chinese Information Processing Society of China, Professor at Fudan University, Senior Expert in Coding & Info, Cryptography & Info Security

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